REMSCOPE.........will be a remote controlled imaging source.

Latest 2020 report to come........


February 2020  report....... Little progress on building etc. due to severe weather. Website development progressing well.     ( link )  

 Water butts all full !!



Door electrics going in. Oct / Nov 2019

 Rainwater harvesting via gutter system






     Roof runoff bearings

Left side roof pinchdrive motor

Runoff rail shuttering detail - July 2019

Side view

Roof panelled.... we are waterproof!

First fit of rolling roof .....June 2019


Web based DC motor control testing

New cladding and roof track pillars - March 2019

March  2018... Remote sensor server testing... will integrate to main Remscope Server.  

Samples of Remscope Web pages - Home, member log-in and session status / booking.....

September 2017- by Bernard


Web based temperature the dome at present.


Building progress....


March 2018....Wall cappings complete

                    Footings for roll-off roof sections.

                    Water collecting tank relocated

View from the proposed observatory.  March 2018 




Phil is doing a fine job on the RemScope walls.                    The elevated view of Remscope over the AC site!



July 2017 - Blockwork layout prior to construction.


Summer 2017 - Foundation complete, wall blockwork proceeding.

                      Web server( Linux based) and file store PC assembled and live.

                      Web based access, status and booking system  V.1 running and stable.

                      Improved telephone/ Internet access connection.


Spring 2017 - Foundation flags , User booking system , Imaging and webserver, dome control / enviromental controller.

Autumn 2016  -  Foundations being excavated


Foundation flags


November 19th  ... snow stops play.